1001 Albums #82

Moby Grape released a self-titled album in 1967 to critical acclaim, but not to a buying public. Everything from then on is another downhill story in the books of rock and roll. If I did not live in the land of depression, then these biographies that I have read about the artists in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die would make me super sad.

8:05” and “Come in the Morning” are the only songs that I liked on the whole album. It was released in 1967 so it has a nice Summer of Love sound to it.

Mostly, I feel sad for the band because they are another band that had difficulty easing out of the 60s and into the 70s. The biggest problem was they were screwed over by their former manager, Matthew Katz. That is another theme in the 60s that hopefully changed in the music business. I think today it might be different since there are many platforms to get recognised on and more record companies are owned by artists for the artist have popped up.

The album is not terrible at all. It is just very 60s and sort of blends into all the other bands that sounded similar to me. I think they were one of the pioneers of this sound as many of the 60s artists were creating new sounds. It was not different enough for me. Do not look for it on Spotify. I had to find it on DailyMotion. 5/10.

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