1001 Albums #83 & #84

I have just made a decision. Since the band Love has two albums in the year of 1967 according to 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die I will change their order and review them together, but as #83 and #84. Also, according to Wikipedia the book is wrong. Da Capo came out in 1966. I have lost faith in humanity getting the facts down correctly.

Love. What a nice name for a band. Da Capo is a weird name for an album. I wonder if I will love the album or want to “dacapotate” it. The other album by Love is Forever Changes. Hopefully out of two albums I will hear something great.

The first album Da Capo was okay at least musically. I did not like the vocals so I found it hard to listen to the lyrics. I thought the music was very creative. I still am not fond of this type of psychedelic music. I think the “Revelation” on Side two was a self-indulgent mess. If you make a song almost 19 minutes, then you are either high or showing off. Maybe the band was both.

Da Capo

I discovered the leader of the band was Arthur Lee who was black. He is dead now, but I guess he is still black. I found that fascinating since I just watched Green Book. It was about Don Shirley, a black pianist during the 60s who was looking for a driver to tour with him in the South. I wonder what it was like for Lee. Did he have to follow the rules of life in the southern states? There are all these things to consider when you watch a film or listen to music from another time period. I try to educate myself by reading as much as I can before I get the review done.

The second album Forever Changes does not change anything. I did not like Lee’s vocals. The music is more of the same from the previous album. Lyrically and vocally I found it all incomprehensible. I am trying to figure out how everyone rated this album so highly. It was added to the National Recording Registry in 2011. Maybe the people in charge were also on heroin and LSD.

Unfortunately not one song on either album stood out for a good reason. I could not feel the music. I found both albums to be mediocre. I could not differentiate one from the other. I guess you could say I was not feeling the Love. 5/10.

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