1001 Albums #85

The Beau Brummels fourth album Triangle came out to critical acclaim, but the fountain of hit singles did not follow the great reviews. Vocalist Sal Valentino would get comparisons to Bob Dylan and Gene Clark of The Byrds. I can tell you that he is a better singer than Clark.

The album triangles on three genres: country rock, folk rock and psychedelic pop music. It seems to be a weird blend, but I think it mostly works. The problem with the album for me is the lyrics. For an album to have a hit song it needs something that catches the general public. People want to sing along with their favourite songs.

It is a good album, but lyrically it is hard to grasp onto most of the songs. “Are You Happy?” is the catchiest song on the album and should have been released as the lead single, but someone decided “Magic Hollow” was the (wrong) way to go.

I would recommend listening to The Beau Brummels. I listened to a few of their hits songs prior to the release of their more experimental album Triangle and there were some good songs. Unfortunately, they were another band to not make it out of the 60s together. I did not read a bunch of drama about this band so that was a nice change. 6/10.

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