1001 Albums #86

Headquarters was the third album from The Monkees. It was the one they took back their control. If you remember the 80s, Janet Jackson was not the first to want “Control“.

I did not know much about The Monkees so I read about them. They are really interesting. They were not a real band, but something manufactured for a television program. The funny thing is that they were all singers and musicians as well as actors. After the second album they decided they wanted to actually be in control of the singing and songs that were being made in their name. The creation took control of the creator.

One of the members, Michael Nesmith thought it was Mickey Dolenz‘s voice that made the Monkees’ sound distinctive, but I disagree 100%. Davy Jones has the most distinct vocals of the lot. I can tell when he is singing. He has a smooth voice. Jones tend to sing the most beautiful songs of love. I think people like to underestimate the “beautiful” ones.

Overall, I think all the guys are talented unlike The Beatles where only three were multiple talented artist. The album is extremely pleasant, especially “Forget That Girl“, “Shades of Gray” and the sweet sounding “I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind“. This album will give you a smile. 9/10.

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