#88 Tim Buckley – Goodbye and Hello

I have decided to change the way I title the blog posts for 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. From this post onward I will have the number of the album in the book, the artist and the album title. Actually, the book has albums out of order, but I tried to change a few of them. It was a headache! I will return to the book’s order soon. And finally, I will sometimes post two blogs in one day, especially if there are too many albums I dislike in a row or I do not have much to say. I realised posting one a day will take me almost three years. No thank you.

The only thing I know of Tim Buckley is that he is the father of Jeff Buckley. I know one song from Jeff Buckley. I also know both father (28) and son (30) died way too young.

Buckley’s album Goodbye and Hello is a product of its time. It starts off with a song about war. In 1967, there was the Vietnam War, Six-Day War in Israel, and a race war happening in the USA. All of this was in the year of the Summer of Love. I find it odd that people look back at the 60s as some great time of peace.

One of the best songs on the album is “Once I Was“. Buckley’s smooth voice delivers the lyrics with a passion that makes you long for someone in the past to remember you, but you know there is nobody to remember you.

“And sometimes I wonder
Just for a while
Will you ever remember me”

Once again we have a folk star for the folk music fans to fawn over. Unfortunately for them Buckley did not like to be stagnant. He changed genres throughout his short life. Once again those folk music fanatics were upset. What is it with those people who are supposed to be peaceful? They are always angry.

This is a great second album. I skimmed through the first album and it sounds good too. I think “Wings” is really good. Goodbye and Hello has bit more experimentation on it. 8/10.

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