#89 Cream – Disraeli Gears

I have never heard a Cream song before and I especially have never heard of the album Disraeli Gears. I know who Eric Clapton is, but I do not know much of his music. I remember that he had a song about Cocaine.

I will keep this review short. I did not like this music. It sounds like all the songs I will come to love later, but the music is not refined yet. “Sunshine of Your Love” is the predecessor to “Cocaine”. Although I just learned that Clapton did not write the song. It was written and performed by J. J. Cale. I listened to Cale’s original version and it is much better. I thought it was a song for cocaine, but Clapton swears it is against it.

The best version of Cocaine. Cocaine is not sold on iTunes, but you can buy it on Amazon Prime.

As I was saying, all the songs remind me of other songs. I would never listen to this album again, but I recognised it for its place in history. Clapton, drummer Ginger Baker and the all-round talented Jack Bruce deserve a place in history for their contributions to music.

Cream was considered the first successful supergroup and this was their best album. “Lawdy Mama” and “Blue Condition” (Clapton’s vocal version) were the only songs I really liked, but those were in the Deluxe Edition. You can listen to this edition on Spotify. 6/10.

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