#90 The Who – The Who Sell Out

Another Who album. I hope The Who Sell Out is better than the mediocre My Generation. This album is unique because it seems like satirical concept album to me. Many of the songs are interspersed with fake commercials.

I am not a huge fan of Roger Daltrey’s voice. For a song to work you must at least like the vocals of the artist. It is like Gaga. I am not sure why people like her. She sounded better earlier, but now she sounds like she swallowed a piece of meat through her nose. Daltrey’s voice sounds generic. Pete Townsend has the unique voice of the band, but he seems to choose the worst songs to sing, except for “Can’t Reach You“. It is probably the best song on the album.

I Can See for Miles” is the most famous song from this album. I think I may have heard it once. It has a familiar ring to it. Supposedly it was a hard sounding song for that time, but I have heard harder from other bands on this list I am going through.

Musically and lyrically the album is a step up for The Who. I am still not a fan, but you never know what will come later. I hope this is the last album from them, but whatever. 6/10.

They used ugly models in the 60s. Times have changed.

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