#93 The Doors

The only things I knew about The Doors were that Jim Morrison died in Paris at a young age, he is buried there, the band had the overly long hit “Light My Fire” and Morrison was some type of sex symbol. This is the first time I will listen to their eponymous debut album. I am not hopeful because I hated the aforementioned hit song.

The Crystal Ship” is Morrison’s attempt at crooning. He was a fan of Frank Sinatra. It is debatable what the song is about, but I think of it as a sweet lullaby to a loved one. Unfortunately, Morrison is probably referring to a drug trip.

One of my other favourite songs is “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)”. Although the song is translated from Bertolt Brecht German poetry, Morrison’s version has a French carousel musical sound which I like. David Bowie has another version and it is good in parts, but I hate when he begins shouting the chorus.

From the writer Bertolt Brecht his song with many titles “Alabama Song“, “Moon of Alabama“, “Moon over Alabama“, and “Whisky Bar“.

End of the Night” sounds like a great song for a film or television series about wizards or witches. It is a beautiful haunting moonlit ballad which brings us to a place of fear and desire.

Twentieth Century Fox” and “Light My Fire” are my least favourite songs. As I mentioned previously the latter song is overly long and it seems pointless. “Twentieth Century Fox” is useless because it is repetitive and does not use Morrison’s vocal ability. He is basically shouting the lyrics. I prefer when he is actually singing over his shouting. He shouting voice is not pleasant to me.

I guess overall I feel that album is good. Morrison tends to shout too much for me. I know it was his “style”, but I am not a huge fan. The music is very 60s. I think it sounds more dated than some of the other 60s artist. Everything sounds like a war song. Bertolt Brecht’s song makes the album better than I expected. 7/10.

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