#94 The Byrds

The Byrds again? Noooooooo! I have not liked any of their albums on this list. I highly doubt Younger Than Yesterday will change my mind. Does anyone like this band? Does anyone listen to any of this music? Am I alone?

The albums begins badly with “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star“. They decided to add screaming women in the background of the song. Are we to believe the women screamed for this band? I cannot take them seriously as a band. They must be the Nickelback of the 60s. The irony is that they are writing about The Monkees being a manufactured rock band.

The Monkees were created for a television series, but soon became a real band. I hate when artist become full of themselves. They are not better than anyone else. They just create music or act or write. Why do we give them so much reverence?

If you want to put on some music to drift away to another place and not listen to the music, then this album is perfect. Nothing stuck out to me as being a great song. It was all so ordinarily generic. 3/10.

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