#95 The Young Rascals – Groovin’

If you titled your album Groovin’, then you are definitely in the 60s. The Young Rascals (later known as The Rascals) did just that with their third album. Is that why I have never heard of them? Were they too 60s?

Firstly, Groovin’ is their only album on Spotify. Secondly, it is in mono. Yikes! One thing the band had going for them was Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati. Both men were talented at songwriting and singing. Brigati was the frontman more or less and made gap teeth cool before Madonna and David Letterman. Cavaliere was the more soulful sound in the band. And to a lesser degree Gene Cornish did some singing and writing.

Groovin’ is the best song on the album. You will want to hear it more than once.

Groovin‘” is my new favourite song, at least for now. This song sounds like it is supposed to sound. I can imagine sitting out on a Sunday afternoon on the beach listening to this song and relaxing with my friends. That is if I liked the beach and had friends.

The other two songs that are easy to listen to are “How Can I Be Sure” and “You Better Run“. If you know Pat Benatar, then you know one of her hits was a cover of “You Better Run”.

Pat Benatar owned it.

The Young Rascals have been called the whitest black band ever and I have to agree. I thought they were black. I had heard “Groovin’ before, but when I saw a photo of the group I had no idea it was the same song.

Unfortunately, they did not make it far after the 60s. They lost members and tried to change the lineup with new members, but that did not work. I often wonder if these bands had tried to work out differences or whatever the reason for moving on would they have had more success. Maybe not.

If the album has a weak song, then it is the last song. It seems to change the whole tone of the album. I would have rather if it ended on a different note, possibly a happier one.

I think the album is great fun. It is an easy listen and has some of the best songs of the 60s. It deserves to be on the list of 1001 Albums… I cannot explain why I like this album, but I think it is pretty amazing. It just all clicks together. 9/10.

Update: Search The Rascals on Spotify for their other albums.

2 thoughts on “#95 The Young Rascals – Groovin’

  1. I like reading these posts and rediscovering music I haven’t heard in years. Also, I almost never know these artists.

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