#96 Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow

If any band had many versions of itself it was Jefferson Airplane, who became Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship who became Starship I knew of Jefferson Starship and Starship more than I knew of Jefferson Airplane. As I look at the track list I realise that I might know some of their songs from Surrealistic Pillow.

I have heard two of the songs from this album prior to listening to it. I actually hated both “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit“. I am not a fan of Grace Slick’s voice.

I find some of the songs to be a bit silly. “She Has Funny Cars” is weird. I can forgive Marty Balin for singing and writing it. I know he will write better songs later. “My Best Friend” sounds like a love song. I guess lovers can be best friends too.

Even though I do not like Grace Slick’s generic voice she sounds great on “Today“, but it has more to do with the music and the simplicity of the lyrics

“…Today, I know what I want to do
But I don’t know what for
To be living for you
Is all I want to do
To be loving you
It’ll all be there
When my dreams come true”.

Comin’ Back to Me” is another ballad that works with Slick’s voice. She sounds much better as ballad singer than her usually screaming hit songs. Caution: This song can evoke tears if you are not aware of yourself when listening to it.

This album is not as bad as I thought it would be when I first saw it in the list of 1001 Albums… I think two songs were great so it deserves a few more listens in the future. 6/10.

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