#97 The Kinks – Something Else by The Kinks

The KinksSomething Else by The Kinks is definitely one of the most overlooked Kinks albums and one of the albums of 1967. If it had come out one year earlier then it would have been a hit, but 1967 was a crowded year in music. This list has 31 albums from 1967. I believe it is the most from any one year.

The first song “David Watts” is great. I think we all had a David Watts in our school days. I remember there was an older boy that I admired. He was loved by the whole school. He is the guy that we all want to be when we got older. He was kind to me. I always wonder what happened to him. In my wicked imagination he peaked in high school. He got married several times and had bratty children. He died an early death from alcoholism.

Most of the songs sound similar to me. They remind me of songs one would hear in a pub that everyone would sing together. Sing-a-long songs. I do not think that is a bad thing, but it is not The Kinks that I knew growing up.

The album begins with a great song and ends with an even better song “Waterloo Sunset“. It is one of their most acclaimed songs. It really is a melancholy sounding song about a couple in love.

I like the album better than the previous one I reviewed, but I would not listen to it that often. The Kinks are humour filled storytellers on this album. They are probably one of the most true English bands on the list. 6/10.

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