#98 Donovan – Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman from folk artist Donovan was completely unknown to me. I only knew one thing about Donovan; his daughter is Ione Skye from the classic 80s film Say Anything

One of the most interesting things about this album is that two people who played instruments on it will become super famous soon after it. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones form Led Zeppelin in 1968. Another point is that Donovan released some of the first psychedelia. This album was released in 1966 in the USA, but 1967 in its home country.

Ferris Wheel” is the first song on the album that drew in. It has an Indian flavour to it. Sunshine Superman was one of the first pop album to extensively use the sitar. I am not sure what the real point of the story is, but Donovan makes it sound sad.

I think the Side B is better than Side A. “Season of the Witch” has catchy music. It sounds like it could be the theme for a television series. I checked to see if was used and it has been covered by many artists. I am surprised that I have not heard it before today.

Overall, Donovan was popular for his time period, but I am not sure it translates for today. For me it sounds a little dated, but not as dated as The Byrds. His voice is pleasant enough and his music is good. I just would not listen to it often. 6/10.

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