#109 The Incredible String Band – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter

The Incredible String Band is another band I have never heard of before toady. The title of the album The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter is interesting enough to make one notice it.

I will keep this extremely short. It is Scottish psychedelic folk music. I hated it. It reminds me of the band that jumped into a time machine in 500 A.D. and they were dropped off in 1960s. Suddenly they were famous for no reason except to make a film. Okay, this did not happen.

A Very Cellular Song” has a line “And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Lord, I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight” and that is exactly what I thought throughout the whole album. Good night! Why is this song 13 minutes long. I did not know they had cell phones in the 60s.

Robert Plant credited this album for the way Led Zeppelin sounded. Did they think we must sound completely opposite of this music to be great?

This was torture almost on the level of Joan Baez. 1/10.

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