#112 Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes first album is Os Mutantes which means “The Mutants” in Portuguese. I thought Brazil only had football, bad Samba music, beautiful people, and coffee. Oh Christ Redeemer statue is located there too. Can their music be redeemed with psychedelia?

Lyrics are important to me. I write or wrote poetry before I moved to Colorado. I lost my will to write since I moved here. I lost everything by moving here. I went from having a lot of friends to having nothing. I spend my time alone. I do not have people to hang out with. If I want to enjoy a beer it has to be done alone. The same is for the cinema, concerts, adventures, eating and everything except for work.

That was a long way of saying I wish the album was in an intelligible language. The music is great, but I did not understand one word. I tried to Google Translate them, but it was even stranger in English. Either the lyrics are strange or LSD causes people to actually write nonsense.

If you do not know Portuguese, then just listen to the music and enjoy it and thank God it is not samba. I am not sure what this adds to the psychedelic genre, but at least it is not a terrible album. Some of the music is dreamy and it is in the list of Top 40 Stoner albums of all-time. 6/10.

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