#115 Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash is not someone I am looking forward to listening to sing. I remember a few years back when everyone went crazy when he sang NIN’s Hurt. It used to be one of my favourite songs, but Cash ruined. I was not on the bandwagon. I also remember Cash because of my grandfather. He listened to him a lot. I hated both of them.

I am not sure how At Folsom Prison got onto the list of 1001 Albums… It does not follow the criteria that was set in the book. I think live albums fall into the greatest hits category and the book does not include best of any artist albums. I still hate live albums.

I did not like the banter with Cash and the prisoners. I did not like his voice. I did not like his lyrics. I can see he has a demographic, but I do not fit into it. It was awful. 3/10.

3 thoughts on “#115 Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

  1. I think I saw the film too, but I still feel the same about his music. I think all country songs sound depressing. I just hate all the cats.

  2. I came to appreciate this album through watching the movie about him that came out in the 2000’s. The fact that he did a live album in a prison was cutting edge. He was an oddity, because he was a country musician, and yet he had melancholic and dark sides, which is why so many punk rockers love him even though they hate country music.

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