#116 Laura Nyro – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

Eli and the Thirteenth Confession made Laura Nyro famous, but not as famous as The 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension had a knack for taking Nyro songs and turning them into hits. In fact, other artists such as Barbra Streisand and Peter, Paul and Mary made her songs into hits too.

Nyro is a talented writer and she can sing. I do not like her voice. She hits some notes that hang in the area of whining. It sounds nasally whiny. Every song starts to sound the same after awhile. And most of her songs sound like “Wedding Bell Blues”, which was on her previous album. I keep expecting her to say, “Bill, I love you so.

The 5th Dimension recorded the song three years later and took it to #1. Marilyn McCoo is a far superior singer.

McCoo of The 5th Dimension was engaged to another member of the group, Billy Davis, Jr. They had not set a date so the song fitted them perfectly, especially since his name is Billy. It was almost as if it was written for them. Davis and McCoo said, “A family that prays together stays together and be sure to be like the person before you get married.”

I know this is supposed to be about Nyro, but I found McCoo and Davis to be more interesting. I think Nyro is a great writer and you should check her out, but as for me I would rather hear McCoo singing Nyro’s songs. My score reflects her songwriting more than her vocal abilities. 6/10.

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