#122 Dr. John, the Night Tripper – Gris-Gris

Dr. John, the Night Tripper‘s album Gris-Gris is a taste of New Orleans recorded in California. It is New Orleans, voodoo, marching bands, chanting, and some Gumbo Roux to add some flavour.

This album is your kitchen sink and your neighbour’s kitchen sink thrown into one pot and mixed up to make a kaleidoscope of music. I am not sure what I just listened to, but it kept me interested. I was curious where it would lead me. It was like Youtube as an album at 3.00 AM and you are not sure how you got to the last video, but you cannot not look at it even though your gut is telling you to turn it off.

I cannot say any one song stuck out more than the others, but they were all interesting, except “Jump Sturdy“. It was the least interesting song on the album. I would skip it if I listened to the album again. I wondered if the B-52’s and other party bands listened to this album before they made their music. It is good in a weird way. 7/10.

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