#126 Small Faces – Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake

Firstly, what band does not have their faces on the album cover? Small Faces. Secondly, what kind of band does not have their names on the album cover? Small Faces. Thirdly, what kind of band has an album titled Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake which is a parody of a brand of tobacco? An English rock band. It sounds like a fun band, but are they entertaining as it should be?

The guys from Small Faces are talented. They have all had success in other bands after the Small Faces changed in 1969 to Faces. The first half of this album is quite forgettable to me. It sounds good musically, but none of the songs stood out as hits.

Side two kicks into gear with the fairy tale story of “Happiness Stan“. The story is narrated by Stanley Unwin who was a South African-born, English comedian, actor and comic writer. The story is a bit complex of Stan looking for the missing moon and some flies and I am not sure. All I know is that the people in the 60s did too many drugs.

The problem with albums like this one is that it does not have any songs that I want to add to my list of songs that I want to hear more often. The music is good and the vocals are fine, but I was not drawn into the whole story.

I recommend giving it a listen on Spotify, especially Side two. Maybe read about the concept on Wikipedia. 6/10.

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