#128 Jeff Beck – Truth

Jeff Beck? How did he make it on the list I wondered. He is known for his guitar work. I hope this is not a guitar album. I do not want to listen to someone just playing the guitar for one hour. That is my truth, but I hope Beck’s first solo album Truth is similar.

Surprise #1. Rod Stewart is doing the vocals. I did not know he was making music in 1968. In fact, Stewart and Beck wrote some of the songs together as Jeffery Rod. This union lasted for two albums. I was a huge Stewart fan growing up. His voice was so unique. I had an uncle who was a few years older and he always played his records over and over on his little record player. I used to look up to my uncle until I realised he was a mean person like the rest of the men in my family. He used to beat me up a lot. We grew apart. I have seen Rod Stewart in concert three times.

Surprise #2. Ronnie Wood is in this band. Wood would eventually join The Rolling Stones in 1975, but first he and Stewart would leave this band to join Small Faces and they would changes their name to Faces.

Surprise #3. There are other guests who would become famous later. John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page who would both form Led Zeppelin soon and drummer Aynsley Dunbar who joined Journey for their first album and has played with almost everyone in rock music.

Surprise #4. This album is great, but then again Rod Stewart is singing. This is before he became famous, but this album fits nicely into his early solo years. This is one of the heavier bluesy rock album to appear on the list. Some critics believe it is to be one of the earliest heavy metal, but I am not feeling it. This album has more of a blues influence.

Best songs on the album for Stewart’s vocals and Beck’s guitar work are “Morning Dew“, “You Shook Me“, “Ol’ Man River“, and “Blues De Luxe“. Beck has a couple guitar solo songs, but I prefer vocals because of lyrics are like poetry.

Rod Stewart’s passionate voice is most noticeable in “Ol’ Man River“. The drumming is bombastic.

This album is about Jeff Beck, but Rod Stewart’s vocals are a perfect match with his guitar and I am huge fan of Stewart’s voice. 9/10.

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