#131 The Zombies – Odessey and Oracle

Odessey and Oracle is the second album from The Zombies an English band that broke up after recording it. It seems to be a trend of the 60s. It is ridiculous how most of these groups did not make it out of the 60s. I wonder if it will be similar for the 70s. I have never heard of The Zombies.

Care of Cell 44” is the kind of psychedelic music I can enjoy. It is poppy and the vocals are great. It is about someone waiting for the return of their loved one from prison. With lines like “Feels so good you’re coming home soon” this has to be the happiest prisoner release song ever. I am surprised it was not a hit song.

I cannot imagine why they did not succeed. They had all the pieces for success. The lead singer has a beautiful voice and he was handsome. Being handsome should not be a requirement, but if you think about it it was necessary in the 60s. You need those screaming girls. The band is talented. They wrote all of their own songs on the album. I think they should have been patient and not let the valley they sunk into break them up.

The last song “Time of the Season” is the real kicker. It became a huge hit in 1969 after they broke up. Patience is the key. It is a song about free sex in the 60s. The themes of the 60s is free love, protesting something and war.

I think the album is great. It only has a few songs that I really like as singles, but as a whole I like the album and can listen to it without skipping about. 8.5/10.

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