#132 Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

I have a fear of disappointing people and this review might disappoint someone I know. It is for the album Astral Weeks the second release of Van Morrison. I was anticipating that I would love this album. I listened to it three or four times. I did not love it, but I did not hate it.

The problem with Morrison’s Astral Weeks is the length of songs. The first song is over seven minutes. Why is this a problem? Morrison used the stream-of-consciousness method for the music and lyrics during the recording. Some of these songs just go on and on and have no real meaning at least to me. When I listen to music I want a story that I can follow or connect to in my heart and head.

My second problem with Morrison is his voice. It sounds great at first, but he stretches it at times and it sounds like he is begging someone for something. He growls too much in his throat for me to enjoy it. There are sounds that hurt my head and his voice is one of them.

If I had to recommend one song it might be “Sweet Thing“. It comes the closest to being enjoyable as a song and it is not terribly long. One song that received praises is “Madame George“, but it is almost ten minutes. That is not one train I want to get on.

There are moments in the songs when I almost start to like the song, but Morrison never quite takes me on his journey. If the album was on somewhere, I would not beg anyone to turn it off, but I would not thoroughly enjoy it. 5/10.



2 thoughts on “#132 Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

  1. I am not a fan of long songs. I always joke that the artists of the 60s and 70s were high and just kept playing. They forgot to end the song.

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