#141 The Flying Burrito Brothers – The Gilded Palace of Sin

The Gilded Palace of Sin is the debut album from The Flying Burrito Brother. This group was made up of band members from The Byrds. They do not stand a chance with me. Their last album was heading into country music.

I want to know who paid everyone from Rolling Stone magazine to 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die to rank this album on their best album list. It has been well documented that I hate country music. I cannot stand the sound of the twanging and the whiny vocals. I think this music was great for fans of cats. It really does sound like a million cats meowing. I want to skip this album so desperately, but I am faithful to listen to each one in its entirety.

I hate that I am faithful to friends. I have never felt that faithfulness in return. People kind of suck. They will turn on you in minute. I have friends that I thought were friends, but they replaced me with other people. It does not pay to be faithful to people. I am warning you to never trust anyone.

If you like country music, then give it a listen on Spotify. I did not like anything on it. 2/10.

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