#142 Johnny Cash – Johnny Cash at San Quentin

Johnny Cash is on the list again. Johnny Cash at San Quentin is similar to his last album on the list. It is a live concert in prison. I hate these types of album. This album has so many things against it before I even listen to it.

I do not hear any difference between this live album and the previous one. I might as well add a link to it and call it a day. It is past midnight. I do not like his type of talking and singing at the same time. I want to listen to live music only when it is live.

I do see that there is a light on the other side of the tunnel. There are some good artist coming up soon suck as The Rolling Stones, Nick Drake and Led Zeppelin.

As for this album, I hate all the talking, bad language that is beeped out, drug talking and terrible vocals. 2/10.


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