#145 The Who – Tommy

The Who is not a band I am looking forward to listening to again.  Before I listen to the album Tommy I will say that Pete Townshend is the talented member of the band. He wrote almost the whole rock opera that tells the story about a “deaf, dumb and blind” boy. Like The Beatles, The Who had been digging into some weird religion from Meher Baba. Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form. Whatever. The people in the 60s were a bunch of drug addicts who followed anything and everything. I am happy that I am at the end of the 60s. I hope the 70s will have less drugs and happier people. But it is all rock and roll.

I like the opening “Overture” to the rock opera, but it is basically music until toward the end. Townshend’s guitar playing is incredible.

On songs like “1921” Townshend does the lead vocals; his voice is pleasant and unique enough to identify. Unfortunately it is not his strongest lyrically.

Daltrey does better on “Christmas“. The song contrast Christmas and Tommy’s eternal soul. It ask the age old question “How can he be saved from the eternal grave?”.

The characters are terrible in this story. There is a sadistic relative, an eccentric transvestite who uses drugs to try to cure Tommy and his uncle who molested him while he was supposed to be taking care of him.

Cousin Kevin” is about a sadistic relative. I can relate to that one. I had an uncle who used to beat me up when we were children. He was an angry person. I think almost everyone around me was angry and violent.

Fiddle About” is a terrible song in topic and sound. I could not handle it. I know how it feels to be molested by several people. I guess I could use the #metoo, but I think it is silly. It does not change anything and it does not help me. I have to think about my part in being molested. I believed it had to be my fault too, especially when I was older and it happened. I have never told anyone about it. I am not sure it can help anything by writing about it. I will probably erase this before it post to my blog.

I know the song “Pinball Wizard“. I do not know The Who’s version and I am not a fan of it. I prefer the Elton John version. John had a great voice back in the 70s.


I am familiar with “Go To The Mirror“. I have not heard it much, but enough to recognise it. I really like the music and Daltrey shares the vocals with Townshend so he does not ruin it.

After Tommy is healed, he starts his own religion, but his followers eventually reject his teachings. This story is really sad. I feel like Tommy; we are habitual losers. Everyone craps on him and uses him for their pleasures.

Overall, I like the music. It has some really great music. I wish I could like the whole album, but I do not like Roger Daltrey’s voice. He sounds like he is just screaming and not singing. It is rather long, but it is a rock opera so that is understandable. Spotify has a glitch on this album. There are two versions and it skips around sometimes hitting the live versions. I had to click between the two versions to hear the recorded songs. It is a good album. 7/10.

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