#146 Miles Davis – In a Silent Way

And you thought jazz was over. Miles DavisIn a Silent Way was released in 1969. This album caused a division among critics. The rock critics loved it because they thought Davis was moving in that direction, but the jazz critics were not happy with that direction. Jazz critics are saying it is not jazz and it is not rock. It sounds like jazz to me. A more hip jazz for a new generation that is on the horizon. We are heading into the 70s.

Personally, I like that Davis married two sounds together. It is like when two people are poor and one person has a melted chocolate bar and he shares it with another person who eating some sweet túró. Voila! Túró Rudi.

Each side of the album has one long song. Side one has “Shhh/Peaceful“. I am not sure why, but it made me sadder than I was before I started listening to it. I had tears in my eyes by the end of the song. It reminds me of ambient music that will come soon in music history. I can put this on and do homework, do the washing up or do nothing.

Side two has “In a Silent Way/It’s About That Time“. It is not as melancholy as side one, but it eventually gets there by the end of the song.

Both pieces are great. Credit sound be given to Miles for his talent, but also for the talent that he surrounded himself with to produce this music. John McLaughlin who is one of the pioneers in fusion is on the guitar. Chick Corea who plays the electric piano and won over 20 Grammy Awards. Herbie Hancock who also plays the electric piano, had a hit song “Rockit” and he has had a long and success career.

The album is by far the best one I have heard from Miles Davis. It is the most accessible of his albums. In my opinion, even people who do not like jazz will like it. 9/10.


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