#148 Pentangle – Basket of Light

Pentangle‘s Basket of Light is one album and group I have never heard of at all. I must admit that I have not missed anything by not listening to this album. I am not going to spend time writing about it since I hated it. It is almost like Joan Baez. I hate the lead female’s vocals. It reminds me of watching Whitney Cummings on Netflix. She had a couple of okay jokes, but her whiny voice made me want to scratch my eyes out. I would not recommend watching her because she is rather filthy. I hate seeing it in men, but I detest seeing women act that way. It is just gross.

Since I do not need to review this album, I decided to post a few songs from the Bee Gees after the last post was their only album from the 60s to make this list of 1001 Albums… They had some incredibly great songs in the 60s. Also, there is a connect between Pentangle and Bee Gees. Pentangle’s drummer Terry Cox played on the next Bee Gees’ album Cucumber Castle.

First up is “To Love Somebody“. It was Barry Gibb’s favourite and it might be my favourite too. It has a clear message of love. There are many versions of it now, but nobody can repeat the soulful feeling of Barry’s OG version.


Words” is tied at first place for me. I love this song. It has been covered by many artists. “It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away“.


One of the best sad songs ever written and it was covered by many artists. “I Started a Joke” was one of my favourite songs. I always felt the joke was on me too. “I started a joke which started the whole world crying but I didn’t see that the joke was on me oh no”.


Another favourite is “Holiday“. Robin Gibb takes the lead on this one.


The song “(The Lights Went Out In) Massachusetts” is always funny when they play it live because Barry and Maurice Gibb wrote it, but Maurice did not have a role in singing it so he makes jokes while they sing it.


This one “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” I know the least of the songs of theirs from the 60s, but it is still a great song.


As for the score for Pentangle’s Basket of Light, I have to score it close to Joan Baez. I could not listen to it twice. Once was enough. 0.5/10.

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