#150 Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

I am more excited to listen to Nick Drake‘s Five Leaves Left than I have been to listen to any other album so far. I was introduced to his music a season ago and I loved it, but I never moved myself to search out the album. I had a couple songs that I knew, but I do not which ones they were. Maybe I will find them now.

Nick Drake had a terrible time at life. We do not know exactly why it was so bad. He was very secretive. I believe the thing inside of us is the thing that we do not share. I have things I have never shared with anyone. I do not trust anyone. His girlfriend was not even really his girlfriend. His death was ruled a suicide. He was took approximately 30 amitriptyline pills, a prescribed antidepressant to finish off his miserable life. I did not know that would work.

His album is depressing. I am sure Beck has listened to him. I cannot point out one song on this album that is better over the rest. This album does not have the songs that I have heard. I know his other album is on the list so I will wait for it.

It is the strangest album ever. It is great, but I think it is the type of music that you must like because of who you are and not who he was.

He has a knack for taking something that sounds like it might be happy and twisting it at the end. I was told that I am great at this too. I have been called Bittersweet my whole life, except I say the sweet first and then the bitter. In the song “Saturday Sun” he waits until the last line to twist the knife, “but Saturday sun has turned to Sunday’s rain”.

I have to give a piece of advice with this album. I felt that I could not hear it on my computer so I put on my headphones and it was much better. This albums needs great speakers.

This is the only Drake ever worth listening to. This is music. This is real life. 9/10.

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