#154 Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails

Happy Trails is the second album from Quicksilver Messenger Service. I thought I was moving past the time of bands I have never heard of, but I was wrong. Unless they have a popular single they would have remained in obscurity for me. I do not know a lot about acid rock.

I am not a fan of the first part of the album. The whole album was recorded at their performances at the Fillmore East and Fillmore West. I do not like the clapping between some of the songs. I really hate the sound of clapping. I do it when I go to a concert, but I like it to end quickly.

The album is predominately instrumental, I think. There are vocals, but the music is the star of the album. I think it is good when they are focused on the music. “Calvary” is the best tune in my opinion. It is super long just over 13 minutes, but it only feels like 10 minutes. 6/10.

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