#161 Tim Buckley – Happy Sad

Tim Buckley is back with this third album Happy Sad. This album is more experimental than his previous albums. As with Bob Dylan, Buckley suffered a bit because of his changes in musical direction. He lost some of his folk fans. Those people are so prejudice. Darn hippies are supposed to be accepting of others. Isn’t it ironic?

I had trouble deciding how I felt about this album. I played it several times and even stepped away from it for a day. I am listening to it again. I think it is an odd combination of his voice and the psychedelic rock and folk jazz. The music is great and his vocals are beautiful. The real problem i think is none of the songs are radio friendly. There isn’t that one song that you want to play over and over and over until you hate.

The album is short on songs with six in total, but the songs are a bit long in time with two being over 10 minutes. The most accessible songs are “Strange Feelin’” and “Buzzin’ Fly“,  but both are over 6 minutes.

I think this is a great album from Buckley. At times i am reminded of Chris Isaak one of my favourite singers from the mid-80s and beyond. Buckley sings these love songs for those yearning for love and those with broken hearts. 8/10.

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