#170 Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room

Leonard Cohen‘s Songs From A Room is his second album on this list. I was not impressed with his previous one and I have doubts about this one too. The problem with Cohen is that he cannot sing. Some may say that Bob Dylan cannot sing either, but I disagree. Dylan can carry a tune, but this Canadian wannabe Dylan cannot sing. His strength is his writing. He has written some great songs, but he should never sing them.

This album is for those who like folk music by someone who cannot sing. I would skip it. I am giving him credit for his writing ability. The album went gold in Canada, but remember the Canadians also gave us Nickelback. 4/10.

3 thoughts on “#170 Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room

  1. I never thought he could sing either. But I liked that first album. He was a poet, who took up songwriting by chance when folk singing was popular. Judy Collins did Suzanne and suddenly he was onstage. I saw him play when he started and he was dreadful. But over the years he learned how to perform and project a song. And he wrote such nice stuff musically. Anyhow, I became fan and an admirer of the man.

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