#171 Scott Walker

Scott Walker is back again. And with another album that is numbered. Walker originally released Scott 4 under his real name Noel Scott Engel. It failed to chart so it was deleted. Some critics believe this is his best work. I hope it is better than Scott 2.

Baroque singing style is unique and requires one to love it to want to hear a whole album of it. I like it sometimes, but it can become a bit one note. I am not sure what the problem is with Walker’s style. It might be the music, but even that is not too dated sounding. I wonder if someone took his vocals and updated his music would it be awesome. Hey Mister DJ, can you update Scott 4?

I listened to a bit of Scott 3 and I think I liked it better on the first listen. But even now as I listen to Scott 4 again it is growing on me. The best songs are “The Seventh Seal“, “The World’s Strongest Man“, “Boy Child” and “Duchess“.

Scott 4 was written completely by Walker. He wrote all the songs instead of doing a bunch of Jacques Brel covers. You have to give this album a change to grow on you. It might not grab the listener at first, but eventually it will if you let it in. 7/10.

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