#179 & #180 Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath & Paranoid

Black Sabbath is a band that I have heard of, but I have never heard their music. I only know of their lead singer Ozzy Osbourne because he is married to Sharon Osbourne from the X Factor UK and I have heard of him biting a bat’s head off. That did not entice me to listen to his music at all.

I have stated previously that I am not a rocker, but I have liked some rock bands because my peers listened to them. I do not know anyone who liked Black Sabbath or if I did I was not that close to him or cared to pay attention to his musical preferences.

This review is of two albums in the list which came out the same year so I have combined them. First is their self-titled debut album and second I will listen to Paranoid.

Osbourne is not much of a singer, but his vocals work with heavy metal type of music. He sounds like he is mostly talking. I think the best song is the first one “Black Sabbath“. Really original name for a first song. This song is considered the first doom metal song. Maybe that is why I liked it. Doom should be my first name.

The third song has great music. It is heavy metal music, but it sounds a bit sexy to me. “Wasp / Behind the Wall of Sleep / Bassically / N.I.B.” is on the North American version which is the version Spotify is carrying.

Wicked World” has a nice fade out, but then is comes back with a wicked guitar sound. There is only one person in the world who knows how much I love when a song fades out, then returns with more music.

The only song that I am not getting into is “A Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning”. It seems a bit blah compared to the rest of the album and I cannot handle a 14 minute song. That is too long for a heavy metal song. I am not saying it is a horrible song, but just not as good as the rest.

I think the album is really good, surprisingly good. I never thought I would like an album with Ozzy Osbourne. 7.5/10.


The second album is Paranoid. It seems that controversy follows Osbourne. This album was on the turntable when an American nurse killed herself so they thought it was because of Black Sabbath. Osbourne has been the subject of a few suicide cases with his music. I believe music is powerful, but not that powerful. If you are going to kill yourself it is not because of an album. The problem is much deeper. I know. I live with it. I will kill myself because I am sad not because of a stupid band. I hurt inside and there is nobody who can help me. At least not at the moment.

I think this album is not as catchy as the first one. I like one song “Planet Caravan“. It is so different from all the other tracks that I thought Spotify had mixed up songs. The song is about floating through the universe with one’s lover.

I am not liking the rest of the album as much as the first one. “Iron Man” sounds goofy especially at the beginning. I think have heard this song once before. I am not impressed. The same can be said for “Paranoid”, but at least the music is a bit better.

Overall, Paranoid is not a terrible album, but it does not capture my attention as the first one. There is only one or two songs that I must hear again and again. If someone was playing the album I would not leave the room. 6.5/10.


2 thoughts on “#179 & #180 Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath & Paranoid

  1. Black Sabbath changed rock music and almost single-handedly created the heavy metal genre. I saw them in concert during their reunion tour in 1997 at Mile High Stadium (the old one which has since been demolished). At the same concert was Pantera and Merilyn Manson (whom I never liked).

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