#187 Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III

This is Led Zeppelin‘s third album and third on the list. The odds are in their favour. Will this be as good as the previous two albums? How can a band make three albums in three years and be great? Artist today take three or more years between albums.

Led Zeppelin III kicks butt in the opening song “Immigrant Song“. This song rumbles into the body and holds it for the duration of it. The screams from Robert Plant are incredible. His voice is amazing in this song. If I had one complaint it would be that the song is too short. This songs makes me want to go to Iceland.

Zeppelin is playing more acoustic songs on this album, such as “Friends” and “That’s the Way”. “Friends” is about being a friend to someone in need. The band became more democratic as far as the songwriting on this album. On the previous albums it leaned more to Jimmy Page. I think this was a better way to go since this album marks a shift in their writing abilities. The songs are more meaningful.

They go blues on “Since I’ve Been Loving You“, which seems appropriate for a song about heartache.

The most beautiful song they have written up to this point in their career is “That’s the Way“. It is a story of friendship, but they are torn apart because of what people say and one boy’s mom does not like the other boy. I think most of us can relate to that type of friendship. Even my absent mother once told me I should get better friends. She judged the outside and I judged the heart.

Led Zeppelin were the most creative band in the beginning of the 70s. They could play the blues, hard rock and acoustic ballads. This albums shifts them into the realm of more serious songwriters and more giving their music more depth. 9/10.


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