#189 Van Morrison – Moondance

Van Morrison makes his second appearance on the list of 1001 Albums… with Moondance, his third album. I was not impressed by the Astral Weeks, but hopefully this album is better. My problem with Morrison is his voice. I do not like his gravelly sound.

Caravan” and “Into the Mystic” are two great songs from Van Morrison. I am surprised to say it. I thought I would hate all these songs, but after the second listen I knew I was going to add both songs to my list of songs.

The worst song is “Come Running“. It is repetitive and his vocals are not pleasant for me. Girls do not go running to boys anymore. Or do they? Why doesn’t he go running to her?

The rest of the album is not terrible. I think he has improved since his previous albums. The music is better and sometimes his voice is not irritating. I do not like his drawn out vocals which sound like country songs. His songs sort of start sounding similar to his other songs. 7/10.

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