#191 Nick Drake – Bryter Layter

Bryter Layter is Nick Drake‘s second album. He left us with three.

The album opens with the beautiful instrumental “Introduction“. It tells me that there is beauty, sadness, ashes, fire and a few twist and turns ahead. I am excited to hear what Drake has to offer us on the second album.

His voice sounds lower than the music on the second song “Hazey Jane II“, but not too low. It is more complex musically than his previous album. This album has more instrumentation. The sound is full.

If I were to choose one song that I did not like it was “One of These Things First“. The only reason I do not like it is his vocal is a little too high for me. It is not his sweet spot, but it is still good. The lyrics are a little depressing. He is singing about the things he could have been instead of himself. Unfortunately, I find that to be a preposterous notion.

Hazey Jane I” is out of order on the album. I am sure Drake had a reason for doing it out of order. Part 1 feels so beautifully lyrically sad,

“Do you feel like a remnant
Of something that’s past
Do you find things are moving
Just a little too fast.
Do you hope to find new ways
Of quenching your thirst,
Do you hope to find new ways
Of doing better than your worst”.

On “Northern Sky” Drake is sounding more optimistic than usual. He seems to be happy about someone in his life, but it was never revealed who. He was very secretive with his feeling. I think this is my favourite song on the album. I think it is good to keep your feelings to yourself. In my experience love never works out. I would never ever tell anyone “I love you” ever. I think it will lead to despair and eventually death. I am not someone that others can love. I was not created for love.

Nick Drake’s second album has a fuller sound because of John Cale who co-produced it with Joe Boyd.  Cale was part of  The Velvet Underground. Unfortunately, the record company did not promote the album and Drake slipped further into himself. His third and final album would be mostly Drake alone with a guitar. I hope it will appear on this list. 10/10.

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