#194 Soft Machine – Third

Third is the third album from Soft Machine. I wonder why they could not find a better title for the album. Does the Soft Machine serve soft ice cream or do you need a hard machine for it? This is jazz rock or jazz fusion or jazz confusion.

This is a great album if you are in the mood for instrumental music and want something a little different or you are really high. I like it because it is chaotic, but not Miles Davis chaotic. At times it feels like I am in somebody else’s nightmare. My biggest complaint is the time on the songs. All four songs are over 18 minutes, but there are some tempo changes so it helps to break it up a bit.

“Moon In June” does have a little vocal on it. Robert Wyatt, founding member and drummer does the vocals. I prefer the songs without vocals.

Soft Machine should be more famous as Miles Davis because they are talented. Listen to Third if you want to try something different, but make sure your children are sleeping and your neighbours cannot hear it. They might think you have gone mad. 7.5/10.

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