#201 James Taylor – Sweet Baby James

There were a few singer-songwriters who became famous in the 70s and James Taylor was one that lead the pack. Sweet Baby James is his second album that started the fire. Taylor had struggles with his mental health and drug addict. This album is a result of some of those struggles.

The first song “Sweet Baby James” sounds like a cowboy’s waltz. I have never heard this song. He wrote it for his newborn nephew.

Lo and Behold” sounds like a gospel folk song. I have read Taylor does not believe in Jesus, but he believes he can used as a vehicle. I am not sure what the vehicle is trying to convey in this song. Taylor mentions Jesus in most of the songs. I find this odd since he does not believe in Jesus. I think he is trying to include a certain demographic in his music.

Fire and Rain” is the best song. This is not just the best on the album, but one of the best songs ever. This song means so much to me, especially now. I can relate to the lyrics about lack of friendship.

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I’d see you again.

I always thought I would see my best friend again, but he disappeared from me. I have no idea why. I will never get over it and I will never understand why. I only know it hurts every day. I will never have another best friend. My life long dream as a child was to have a best friend, but it is one of those things that you want you cannot reach. I have made a couple people my best friend, but nobody has ever let me be their best friend. Nobody has ever wanted me or needed me. I have always been unloved.

Taylor’s music will have you contemplating about life which can be great if you are in the mood for it. Other times, it can be irritating. The best songs are “Fire and Rain”, County Road, “Sunny Skies”, and Sweet Baby James”. I think this album has a bit too country sound for me, but I know Taylor has quite a few great songs later in his career. 7.5/10.

One thought on “#201 James Taylor – Sweet Baby James

  1. I think this type of music is not good for you, nor anyone else for that matter. I look forward to some more positive music reviews from you. Life is often hard enough; I don´t need sad songs to bring me down, but rather good vibes kind of music to help me escape into a better mood. I am not judging you here. Not at all! I am just stating that I am a bigger fan of music artist who choose a more positiv genre.

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