#202 Paul McCartney – McCartney

Paul McCartney‘s first solo album McCartney was the first to reach a world of sad people. The Beatles had announced their breakup. Everyone wanted McCartney to postpone the release of his album, but he would not. It worked out to his advantage. Although not critically acclaimed at the time of its release, it was financially successful. McCartney played all the instruments alone.

McCartney is a short album. All the songs except for two are under 3 minutes. This album harkens back to the days of rock and roll’s birth. In some ways it is simplistic, but when you realise McCartney’s solo project was made solo, then you realise the complexities and his talent.

McCartney is undeniably, at least to me, the superior Beatle. He has the personality and the talent as a writer and musician. Lennon was a clown. He tried to belittle McCartney often for his song choices.

This biggest hit is “Maybe I’m Amazed“. Rightfully so. It is the obvious choice for a single. That does not take away from the rest of the album, but I would not call this a singles album. It is a package deal. Almost every song is great in its own way.

This is an amazing first album from McCartney. I know better songs are on the horizon with Wings, but Paul McCartney created a sweet album of instrumentals and love songs. It paves the way of his future albums. 9.5/10.


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