#203 Santana – Abraxas

Santana‘s second album Abraxas was released in 1970. The only two notable things about this release are it is latin rock and Gregg Rolie was a founding member. On Santana’s third album Neal Schon joined the band. Rolie and Schon left Santana in 1972 and form another huge band by the name of Journey. I hope Journey is on this list. Journey is one of my favourite bands until Steve Perry left.

As for this album, I hated it. I could not find one song that appealed to me. I do not like Spanish music at all. I could not wait for it to end. I decided to listen to their next album which has Schon on it and I found one song “Everything’s Coming Our Way” that I liked.

This album sometimes sounds like a jungle or what I imagine a jungle sounds like. It is busy and chaotic. All the tribes are playing their drums at the same time and the lions are roaring because they cannot sleep that night. Twice is too many times to listen to it.  3/10.

P.S. I listened one more time and I found one instrumental song “Samba Pa Ti” that was not terrible.

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