#204 Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs

The Madcap Laughs is the first solo album from Pink Floyd founder member Syd Barrett. He had been kicked out of the band due to excessive drugs and erratic behaviour. Imagine how much drugs you have to be doing to be kicked out of a rock band for doing too much.

I listened to this album a few times and I cannot tell how I feel about it. I think it is great or terrible. Maybe it is terribly great. It feels cohesively disjointed. Is Barrett the madcap? He seems to be a bit crazy. Unfortunately with most of these artist it is hard to tell which is true. They became crazy from the drugs or they were crazy before they took the drugs. The sadness I understand. I was sad before I ever tried any drugs. I have always been sad. All I remember is sadness. My life is one long road of sadness. It is not a yellow brick road. Mine is dark blue. I wonder how some of us are able to hold it together enough to not go completely mad.

Octopus” was Barrett’s only single to be released. It is a good, but weird song. Maybe all the songs are a bit weird. This album would not have happened if it were not for Pink Floyd members David Gilmour and Roger Waters stepping in to help produce it.

The Madcap Laughs is not like Pink Floyd, which might be a good thing. I think a few songs, especially on the side two, could have been left off and it would have been a better album. I am not a huge fan of the out of tune guitar playing even if it is on purpose. 7.5/10.

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