#208 Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On

Marvin Gaye. I feel like there is not need to say anything else, except Marvin Gaye.  What’s Goin’ On is Gaye’s album which marked a departure from his former Motown squeaky clean mask. He took control of his image, music, and life. This is not the album anyone expected from a Motown artist, but it is what the world was hungry for at the time. This is soul. This is Marvin Gaye.

Even if the rest of the album sucked I would think it deserved a 10/10 based on the first song “What’s Goin’ On“. It is the song every person cries out at some point in life. Today, we might say “WTF“, but it means the same thing. This song ties the album together for the concept of racism, poverty, and awareness of our ecology.

If I was to dislike a song, then it would be “Right On“, but only because of a sound of a particular instrument in the song. There is something that sounds like a rocking chair throughout the song and it makes me crazy. Crazier than usual. Today has been a crazy day. It started a few days ago, but I became angry last night before I went to sleep and I have been angry all day. I want to scream, but instead I cry alone. The song is not horrible. I think it is a good song, except for that sound. I wish someone would remix it without that noise. It reminds me of a baby sucking on a plastic nipple. I hate that sound. It hurts my teeth.

This album is pure bliss to the ears. Marvin Gaye was a musical genius. It is sad that he was taken too soon from this world. The other songs that you must hear are “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)“, “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)“, and “Wholy Holy” if you want to go to church. This album deserves to be heard from beginning to end. 10/10.

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