#215 The Allman Brothers – At Fillmore East

At Fillmore East is the first album on the list from The Allman Brothers. I know before I even listen to this album that this is not my cup of tea or glass of beer or wine. I am not a fan of southern rock, except for Tom Petty. I hope Petty will be on this list. After this album was released one of the Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident. At least it was not another drug overdose.

I was right about this album. It is even worse than I thought it would be. The overly long songs kill me. There is a song over 19 minutes. That is too long. I did not like anything about this album. They musicians are talented, but I thought the music was boring and I still hate live albums. I think someone I hate likes this band. I think this is the second bad album in a row. Hopefully, it will pick up again to the great music. 2/10.

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