#219 The Doors – L.A. Woman

The Doors‘ make a final appearance with L.A. Woman. Jim Morrison died after the album was released. I do not recognise any of the song titles, but I was never a fan of The Doors before doing this challenge of 1001 Albums….

I will not say this album is mediocre because it is not, but I will say that none of the songs stuck with me. Sometimes I listen to an album once or twice, then I can feel what I feel, but other times I cannot feel anything. This is one of those times.

I think the album is good, but none of the songs have that je ne sais quoi. It might seem weird that I use French here, but that is what I know best in this situation. I grew up with French, but since I was young I have not used it much at all. One of my grandfathers only spoke French. It was always there. I learned these expressions as a kid, but since I left home I do not use it because people look at me weird. I have many weird traditions that I do not do since I left home. I was able to rediscover them when I moved to France in 2012. Morrison died in France. I have been to the cemetery where he is buried.

Songs that have the potential to become favourites are “The Changeling”, “L.A. Woman”, “L’America”, “Hyacinth House”, and the bluesy “Cars Hiss by My Window”.

This is a strange album and I am confused by my feelings for it since I listened to it several times. I do not hate and I do not love it, but I cannot stop listening to it. This might be a great album. 8/10.

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