#221 Elton John – Madman Across The Water

Madman Across The Water is Elton John‘s fourth studio album. His first album was considered terrible, but things turned around with his self-titled second album. “Your Song” was the B-side to “Take Me to the Pilot” that DJs preferred and it became a hit. The other gem is “The Greatest Discovery“. Madman Across The Water gave his career the boast it needed to skyrocket him to success.

Surprisingly, “Tiny Dancer” which is one of John’s most famous songs did not make it to #1. This song is incredible. It is one of my favourite songs ever. Taupin wrote the song about the women in the USA because they were different than the women in England.

Levon” is a great song. I am not sure what it is about since Taupin does not even say it. It seems to be about a man who became rich after being born a pauper.

I think the album is good, but it does not carry many “singles” or songs that I would like to listen to more than once or often. I think four songs are all I really liked. Most of them were quite weird. The music is better. Sometimes I think John’s voice is not as great when it is stretched too much into screaming. 7/10.


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