#220 Can – Tago Mago

German experimental rock bands are not something you hear much about in the USA. Krautrock is not popular in the land of the free. It is a pity! Can is one of those bands I have never heard of and wished I had. I have been sitting here writing another blog post and doing some work while Can’s third album Tago Mago has been raping my ears. This is the music that gave us everything that I love in the late 70s and through the 80s.

I think this is an extremely great album in experimentation of music. My only problem is the senseless mutters of Damo Suzuki the Japanese leader singer. Personally, I prefer the original singer Malcolm Mooney. He makes it sound more punk. Suzuki sounds more like a rambling homeless man.

I cannot separate the songs for you. I think the album must be listened to as a whole and I would listen to their first album Monster Movie to compare the two. It does have “normal” songs, but still more cutting edge than most bands at that time. The second album is a compilation of their songs from films. It is great too. It has a mixture of very main stream songs and experimental songs.

I love it, but I will dock it a bit for the song “Peking-O” and its screaming senseless crap. The music is great, but the vocals suck. This album deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for Albums. 9.5/10.

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