#223 Don McLean – American Pie

I have only heard one song from Don McLean and it was the same song that the album American Pie gets its name. I am hoping that I will like this album because I need a good album at the moment. I have got the blues. Hopefully, this one-hit wonder can change my mood.

American Pie is about “The Day The Music Died“. It is a famous line from McLean. He wrote the song about the death of Buddy Holly. It is an epic song.

Vincent” is such a sad and beautiful song. I was in tears as I listened to it. I have always related to Vincent Van Gogh. He was not crazy; he was sad. This world is hard to get though and some of us cannot do it for too long. I am surprised I have made it this far. Not that I have not tried to disappear. I cannot promise anything. I recommend this song.

The worst song is “Everybody Loves Me, Baby”. It is so horrible. I wonder how it made it on this album. The album never fully recovers from that song. It does get better, but the second half is not nearly as good as the first side.

This is a surprising album since I thought of McLean as a one-hit wonder. He has a good voice and some great lyrically content. I think this album is worth listening to again. 9/10.


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