#227 Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson

Serge Gainsbourg is one artist I have heard of and I have heard his music. He is probably most famous for “Je t’aime moi non plus” avec Jane Birkin. It is a great song, but super sexy. His album on this list is Histoire de Melody Nelson. I love French language and everything French so I might not be a partial judge.

The album commences beautifully with a guitar intro, then Gainsbourg whispers seductively. Something is happening. The ‘concept album’ about Melody Nelson gives the listener beauty and strangeness. “Melody” is not something you have heard unless you have actually heard it.

I wonder why nobody has made a film about this story. Oh wait…I guess the story of Lolita is similar. I love “Cargo culte“. I like the choir vocals in it. I can forgive it for being over seven minutes because it is so banging. Is that the right word? I hope so.

This is a masterpiece. I cannot say much more about it, except that I think everyone should listen to it. This is must have in your collection of albums. I only wish I had listened to it much sooner. I have listened to Gainsbourg, but not this album. Don’t be like Ocean. 10/10.

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