#231 Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Funkadelic‘s third album Maggot Brain is a funky psychedelic trip from the future. George Clinton is the leader of this band. Clinton was also the leader of its sister act Parliament.

Maggot Brain” is a long song, but I do not mind it as much as I usually do, since it is really different. It starts off with a voice talking about Mother Earth and shit. It sounds meditative. The instruments are slowly added. Then the guitar enters. It is speaking to us from beyond the dirt. The funk has begun. You think “What the Funk?”.

Things turn a bit normal with songs like “Can You Get To That” (which has a deep voice that I find funny) and “Hit It And Quit It”.

I think the album shines on songs like the title song and “Wars Of Armageddon“. They get more funky on these songs and seem to experiment more. I like the chaos of this song, which is unusual for me. The band does not take itself too seriously.

This album is a great addition to the 1001 Albums and the history of funk music. At times it is a bit dated, but that should not stop anyone from enjoying it. 7.5/10.

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