#236 Gene Clark – White Light

Sometimes I want to skip an album that I know without reservation I will hate it. White Light is one of those albums. How do I know that? Gene Clark is a country singer. The only country singer I sort of liked was Dolly Parton.

Okay, I should have read more of the bio on Clark before I decided he was only a country artist. He was with The Byrds. Yes, that makes it just as bad, but…

This album is really amazing. There are only a couple songs that I did not care for as much as the rest. I truly liked this album. It was relaxing and his voice has a bit of melancholy that appeals to me.

I think my favourite song is “Where My Love Lies Asleep“. It is such as beautiful sounding song. My least favourite song was “For A Spanish Guitar”, but now I am not so sure. I like his version of Bob Dylan’s “Tears Of Rage“.

I think this is an album that should be listened to a couple times to appreciate it. Clark’s voice is reminiscent of other folk artist that came after him and near his time. It is ironic that he was replaced by David Crosby in The Byrds and Crosby became more famous. Clark is superior vocally and as a songwriter. His vocals tell the story of heartache that he lived. 9.5/10.

2 thoughts on “#236 Gene Clark – White Light

  1. Gene Clark did not replace Crosby in the Byrds m, he was actually the founding member of the Byrds (he left pursue a solo career in 1966). He is mot a country singer either, though he does sing in that style on occasion. I would invite you to check out more of his catalog, especially Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers, Gene Clark Sings For You, The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark and his best work No Other to see just how diverse his music can be. It mat surprise you!

    1. I did not say he was country. I wrote that I thought he was singing only country songs. In the end, I gave him 9.5/10. On his album that will come later I have him a great score too. I know he was a founding member of the Byrds so that was a typo, but thank you for pointing it out. I need a proofreader. 🙂

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